​Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I pronounce Tmup?

A: Damn it, we were obviously trying to be too smart for our own good, it’s pronounced ‘Tee-mup’ (get it? Team..up…?) or for you phonetic fanatics out there /ti.m ^p/. A Tmup is the sporting match you arranged, the name of the app and the action of finding someone else to play with. Before you say it, yes we do appreciate the unfortunate similarities between our name and that of the orange-faced leader of the free world *shudders* but we came up with it before his grand plans were but twinkle in Roger Stone’s eyes and we want to reclaim it.

Q: What is Tmup?

A: If you don’t know by now we haven’t done our job very well! In simple terms Tmup is an app that helps you to play more sport by connecting you with people around you who also want to play. They may be your friends or friends-to-be but we want to get you off your phone and getting more active in a way that fits in with your lifestyle. We will also encourage you by allowing you to track how you’re performing over time and make sure the people you are playing give you a damn good game!

Q: What if I don’t want to connect with my social media account?

A: Is it because you’re scared we might be watching…? Turn around… it’s too late for you MWHAHAHA. But seriously, you don’t have to, you can just log in with your email if you want, we’re easy either way. All we will say is it will be a bit quicker to sign up if you do connect a social media account and it helps us to verify that our Tmuppers are real people, so it adds to the safety of our community. It also means that you can see which if your friends are on Tmup already and share Tmups directly from the app.

Q: I don’t play sports very often, is this the wrong app for me?

A: NO! Come back! We built people for exactly people like you! We know sport can sometimes be inconvenient or intimidating but it shouldn’t be. With Tmup you don’t need to commit to a team/league (perfect for your fear of commitment), you can play when it works for you, nor do you have to play pros, with our matching system we’ll ensure you play people who are your level so you can make the most of your activities. Equally if you are a big sports fan we will find you your ultimate match!

Q: I want to try a new sport! Can I?

A: Great! Awesome! Fantasmical! Let’s get you playing! Tmup is the perfect way to try new sports, as you can find a Tmup taking place near you with other beginners like yourself so there is no intimidation whatsoever. So get on Tmup and find someone else who wants to play Ultimate Frisbee!

Q: How do you know how good I am though?

A: We’ve been keeping tracks on your sporting activities, sending scouts to your Sunday league games, observing your gym routines and classes for years now, using the latest micro-camera and drone technology, this has allowed us to develop a deep profile on your sporting expertise… let’s pretend we didn’t say that for a moment… When you join Tmup you will tell us how good you think you are, but don’t worry too much about this for now as it will self-correct within a few Tmups if you way over or underestimate your abilities (alright Mr Federer?), the cooler thing is what happens next. After you play a game we will ask you for feedback on your Tmup (kinda like how Uber asks you to rate your driver). We then use this information to create a performance rating for you, based on your results against opponents. The more you play, the more accurate your rating will be and the better we will be able to match you with opponents your standard, sounds good right?

Q: How do the ratings actually work though?

A: So you’re a bit of a geek eh? Or just looking to see how you can get your edge? Ok so here’s the scoop; we base our rating system on a system that has been used by the chess community for years called the Elo rating system https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system. we chose this because it takes into consideration how good your opponent is when you win or lose, so in simple terms, beat someone like Tiger Woods and your rating will go up a lot more than if you beat your grandparents, clever eh? It will take us a few games to find where you should be and so performance ratings are a bit more sensitive initially, but they will settle down the more Tmups you play in. Team Tmups are similar, but as you win as a team, your rating changes as a team, your team will have one overall rating, as will your opponent’s and you will get a share of this to add to your overall rating. If you want to know more or have ideas on how we could improve our system we’re all ears! Just send us an email.

Q: Ok I get the performance rating, what’s this other Tmup rating?

A: Good spot, the Tmup rating is essentially a community rating out of 5 stars. We only want people on Tmup who play by the rules, turn up when they say they will and are willing to be honest about when they win and lose. After each Tmup you’ll be given an opportunity to provide feedback on the result of the Tmup, your opponent’s sportsmanship (sportspersonship?) and their punctuality. This will then determine how likely you are to be chosen for Tmups in the future. People will kick you out of their Tmups if they see you never turn up, so it’s in your interest to make sure you are a great member of the Tmup community!

Q: What if we don’t agree on who won?

A: So now you’re thinking: “Can’t I just say I won all my matches and be the #1 player?”, well, unsurprisingly no Einstein. You have 24 hrs to provide feedback post game, if you both provide feedback and disagree then you’ll enter into a dispute resolution process, if you continue to disagree then you’ll both be docked points on your Tmup rating, and neither result will be recorded, so you’ll be less likely to accepted to Tmups in the future and if you have persistent disagreements then we may consider whether you should continue to be a member of our Tmup community. Got it?

Q: Gareth and Julia just bailed, on the night of the big game! We need players stat!

A: Ok, first of all, breathe…deep breaths…1, 2, 1, 2, ok now here is what you’re going to do, you’re going to create a Tmup for the game and send out a Tmup SOS. We’ll send a notification to players in the area local to the game who play your sport and are available to see if they can help out. If we find a fellow Tmupper then we’ll take a small finders fee for getting your game back on track, the fee will be communicated to you when you send the SOS. Phew, everything is going to be A-ok after all.You’re welcome. Now go warm up.

Q: I can’t find the venue I want to play at on Tmup?

A: Ok we’ll be honest, we haven’t added all venues yet, because, well, we can be lazy sometimes. But what you can do is add the location details of the location yourself for now, we will then go in and add all the other details of the venue and create a full profile for it so it’s there waiting for you next time you want to play there, how’s that?

Q: The details of the venue I want to play at are incorrect, how do I fix them?

A: Shoot, damn our fat fingers, we’ve told management time and time again we need typing wands. Ok, so tell us what the issue is through our Suggestions panel **ADD LINK TO SUGGESTIONS** and we’ll sort it. For the time being add the correct details as a new venue this time and we’ll make sure you don’t have to next time.

Q: How do I book a venue?

A: Very good question, a Tmup without a venue is like a car without wheels… *mumbles something incomprehensible* but you don’t go anywhere. Initially we will provide you with the website and phone number of venues for you to book, this is until we can persuade venues to use us as their booking system (you could try mentioning when you go that it would make your life a lot easier!). Once you book then you can confirm to your Tmup members that you have booked and are ready to go!

Q: How do I pay or get paid if I book?

A: Ah the perennial problem of persuading Pete to pay his pennies for ping pong. We don’t currently provide an in-app payments-splitting option (but are considering doing so in the future if you want it) so would suggest a few ways: Collecting payments upfront in advance of the Tmup by requesting payments through the​Tmup chat functionality - Collecting cash on the day before the Tmup - Using services such as Barclays Pingit, Monzo’s payment request feature etc where you don’t need to provide your bank details to the other parties We should note that it is your responsibility to ensure players pay, in our experience as long as they know in advance people are willing to go the extra mile to ensure the host gets paid. Make sure if they don’t that you do report them to us and we will do what we can to help and may suspend their account until they do pay.

Q: My opponent didn’t turn up, what happens now?

A: We’re really sorry, sometimes things do come up that prevent people from participating in their Tmup (nuclear wars, kidnapping etc) if this happens to you we would suggest firstly trying our Tmup SOS feature (see “Gareth and Julia just bailed, on the night of the big game! We need players stat!”), there might be someone who can come and play right away, if not though if you let us know we’ll follow up with your opponent and find out why they couldn’t make it and do what we can to make it right. If they are a repeat offender we’ll make sure that they don’t bail on anyone else in the future.

Q: How much does Tmup cost?

A: It will always be free to find a Tmup to play in. The Tmup SOS feature charge a small finders fee, but that’s because we have to find someone to play in your Tmup right away so you are paying for direct contact with fellow Tmuppers. We will make you aware of this fee though before you send your Tmup SOS, and you’ll only pay if we find you an opponent. In the future there may be other paid features but right now that’s all you have to worry about. The core functionality of Tmup will always be free, as we believe everyone should have the opportunity to play sport when they want.

Q: Can I invite my friends?

A: Please do! The more the merrier! By arranging your matches through Tmup you can track your performance against your friends, arrange games through a simple app (instead of numerous email chains and Whatsapp groups) and find players you know when you need them. We’re here to make your life simpler and get you playing more. When you sign up you will be given the option to tell your friends and when you create a Tmup we’ll give you the option to share your Tmup on what ever other platform you want (Facebook, Twitter, email etc) so your friends can jump straight into your Tmup. You can also invite players not on Tmup to join and hold spots for them. Jazzy eh? If you tell enough people, you never know, maybe we’ll send you some Tmup swag… our swag is the bestswag.

Q: I already have a match set up we just need a few more players, can I still use Tmup?

A: You better believe it! Although we do have to wonder… why are your peeps not on Tmup hmmm? What’s holding them back? Life’s easier on Tmup… Anywayzzz, here’s what you gotta do: create a new Tmup with all the relevant details and the number of players each side, then ‘hold’ spots for players you already have and leave gaps for the players you want. Then publish the Tmup and players will be able to find and join. A word of warning though – nobody will be rated if the game us set up in this way as we need at least one side with ratings to do our thang.

Q: I joined a Tmup and now I’m not in it any longer and can’t rejoin, what happened?

A: Ok, so we give the hosts of each Tmup veto power of players joining their Tmup. In the vast majority of cases this power is not used but in some instances they may decide that your Tmup community rating might indicate that you may not be a good fit for the Tmup and so remove you from their Tmup. If this is the case you won’t be able to rejoin the Tmup. You might want to consider playing more to get your Tmup rating to where it should be. We will however also look out for hosts who often remove players from their Tmup as this should be the exception rather than the rule and we don’t want prejudice in our community so if you believeyou are a good fit and have been unfairly removed feel free to get in touch and tell us email.

Q: Is Tmup safe?

A: The safety of the Tmup community is of the utmost importance to us. While we believe that people are inherently good and that meeting new people should be fun and not scary, there will inevitably be a few bad eggs. We will work hard to smash the bad eggs and get their numbers as close to zero as possible by: - Encouraging players to sign up using social media sign-on so we have a better chance of ensuring they are ‘real’ people - Encouraging you to not meet players in unverified locations/quiet areas especially if this is your first time playing with them and even more so if you are meeting at night. Most Tmups will take place in sporting venues where you will be surrounded by others who will help you if you feel in danger, but you do have to use an element of common sense when arranging Tmups - Responding swiftly and decisively to any player reports of harassment, abuse, or any other misdemeanour, and we will corporate with you and any authorities where required until you feel comfortable enough on Tmup again - Monitoring our lower Tmup-rated players and reconsidering their place in our community While we will do all we can we would appreciate if you could tell us if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable on Tmup, whether before, during or after the Tmup. Tmup should be a safe sporting place and if you have ideas of how we could further enhance our safety please do share email.

Q: Someone is making me feel uncomfortable, how do I report it?

A: Report it here , right now, let’s fix it, we’re on your side.

Q: What information does Tmup have on me?

A: We abide by the EU’s GDPR data protection legislation and principles of data minimisation, only keeping on our records information that allows us to provide you with the best tailored sports matching service. If you wish to close your account completely and not just suspend it we will wipe your data and tell anybody who we have shared it with (with your permission of course) to wipe it too. It is your right to be forgotten.

Q: You still haven’t answered my question…?

A: SORRRRRRRRY! We came up with all the things we thought people might ask but people ask weird questions sometimes… If yours wasn’t answered above (and is appropriate might we add…) thenemail us to ask right here email and we’ll get back to you A$AP Rocky or you could try our Twitter (@tmupapp).