About Us

For years I have dreamed of starting my own business, bouncing bizarre business ideas off my (very patient and open-minded) friends, but I could never commit to that one idea I believed in enough to really pursue.

Then in 2014 I went through a period of playing a lot of squash with a variety of friends at work (yes, it’s the only place I can find friends). The problem I had was that it was difficult finding a ‘good’ game – my​ opponents either wiped the floor with me or basically hadn’t played before, then I went through a patch of consecutive games where my opponents didn’t turn up. This got me thinking and lead me to Tmup.

As I jotted down some notes and developed the idea in my head at work I started to think of all the things it could do:

  • ​Motivate people to play more sports (and less boring gymming), helping them get fitter 
  • Help people to meet new friends when they are new to an area or just have never met their neighbours (I live in London – this is a surprisingly common occurrence)
  • Ensure that everyone always has something to do when they are bored
  • Track your games with friends so you can see who is really the best
  • Inspire people to try new sports they wouldn’t have tried before

These reasons were enough for me to decide that this was indeed, THE badger, and I should get off my arse and do something about it; I owed it to Tmup’s future users!

So what is the masterplan I hear you cry? Well whenever anyone asked me “What is the goal with Tmup, what’s the end-game”? My initial answer was:

I want people to be able to use Tmup when sitting in a park with nothing to do, arrange a game of Ultimate Frisbee with people they have never met before, be playing within half an hour and go for a pint with their new teammates afterwards” (to nurse wounds obviously – I hear it is the UFC of the disc throwing world).

However, I have already been thinking bigger… but you’re going to have to watch this space to see just how big!

Happy Tmup-ing!